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Surge leverages voice and email data to automatically enter
clean and complete information into your CRM

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Hey Surge, I just got off a call with Lydia from PG&E. She seemed interested and is going to introduce me to Adrian from their IT group.

Got it. I've logged your activity, added Adrian as a new contact, and set a followup task for you to read out.

Remind me to send the proposal to Brad from GMC next week.

Ok. I added the task for you and set the deadline as next friday.

Had a good meeting today with the manager at P&G. They loved the proposal and we need to start talking price

I'll update the opportunity stage to "negotiating" and include your comments.

All information stored properly in Salesforce

Ways to Talk to Surge

Reps can communicate with surge however is convenient for them.





Sales Problems Surge Solves

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Incomplete Activity Logs
When an account transitions to another rep, the new rep has to start from scratch.  Manager 1-1s are spent just catching up on what happened instead of on coaching.


Manual Spreadsheet Reports
In addition to the Salesforce updates, reps also have to update their manager’s spreadsheet because the manager can’t pull the information they need from Salesforce

Time Consuming Data Entry
Reps aren’t paid to enter data, they’re paid to sell.  Every minute they’re not selling costs the company money.

Invisible Process 
There’s no visibility into why things are better or worse this month than last.  Sales ops can’t effectively optimize a sales process they can’t track.

Inaccurate Forecasts
Sales forecasts are inaccurate because the data is inaccurate: deals magically move from prospecting to closed overnight and the size of the deal is completely different than what was expected.

Forget to Follow up
Because the reps aren’t tracking all their next steps in one place, they sometimes forget important follow-up tasks, which leads to lost business.

The Process

How Surge Does it's Magic

Conversation with customers
Sales rep communicates with customer on  the phone, in person, or via email - just like they do today

Send update to Surge
Sales rep sends Surge a quick update about the conversation via phone, SMS, email or Slack.

Surge processes the information
Surge takes the update from the rep and structures it into actions to take in Salesforce - add a contact, update opportunity, log activity, etc.

Surge follows up for missing info
Surge requests from the rep any high priority  information that the rep did not orginally  provide (e.g. contact email address, opportunity close date)

Surge sends info to Salesforce
Surge writes the information to Salesforce  and sends confirmation to rep of all the  actions taken.

Surge team

Meet the team behind Surge.

Daryl Lim
Chief Executive Officer

Does business stuff

Lingga Pradipta
Chief Technology Officer

Does technology stuff

About Surge

Surge is a Singapore based startup that is making it trivial for sales people to keep their CRM data up-to-date. We're tired of terrible interfaces with their endless forms and infinite menus. Highly-skilled, highly-paid employees should not be wasting time doing data entry. We're building Surge to change all of that.

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