Optimize your
Customer Machine with Surgebots.com
Surgebots helps enterprises flawlessly execute their sales, support and operations playbook

Your customer machine with Surgebots.com

Your customer machine
with Surgebots.com

When your data, process and people work together seamlessly:


Surge collects and analyze your customer data to find meaningful signals

Automated Tracking

Surge logs every customer interaction automatically in your CRM, no more manual data entry.

Connected Systems

Surge integrates your CRM data, systems of record, and production software systems, eliminating information silos.


Surge pro-actively triggers workflows with your team based on your playbook.

Real-time signals

Surge identifies relevant “signals” and triggers actions for your team, helping to close or retain a customer.

Continuous reinforcement

Surge ensures your playbook gets executed correctly, without micromanagement.


Your people take immediate, effective action with the click of a button.

Smart reminders

Surge helps your team manage more leads and accounts per person, without ever dropping the ball.

Task recommendations

Surge prioritizes leads and opportunities based on machine learning algorithms, reducing the impact of cognitive biases.